luni, 14 mai 2007

Night is falling...

Night is falling,over the sinful town
Darkness is capturing as it is set the dawn.
The murders are exiting trough their evil ways,
Oh please God,where the Hell is your grace?

No,no,no my darling , I can't make this out,
Because you know,my darling I'm in a fucking blackout.
They shoot,shoot,shoot in my head,I can feel the blood,
I'm falling in the abys,I can taste the mud.

Light has been defeated ,night has its way
My thoughts run so fast that I can't even say...
Hey,hey,hey what the Hell are you ?
Go,go,go and fuck you,or you'll be paying too.

My fist touches harmlessly this cursed wall
The body hearts so badly,my head is like a ball.
Hey,hey,hey,hey let me out of here...
I'll be home so soon, oh, don't you worry dear.

I can feel nothing , everything's so tight,
But damn right that I can ,see the blessing light.
Don't you worry darling, "me" is coming home
I'm gonna take you darling, together we will...hmmm hahaha.

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