marți, 12 iunie 2007

Fallen Angel

Orange flames just scratch the peaceful sky
The nature falls behind your blue eyes,
And what you see...The Fallen Angel...

It's scream destroys our broken destiny
It shines so much,it's hard for me to see
The wings are cut,moving desperatly,
And what you see...The Fallen Angel...

I see people going by,but not caring about what's happening in the wicked sky,
No one cares about what's gonna be,the Heavens are locked,for them,for you and me.

It hits the ground,an earthquake he provokes
I'm running towards,people are telling jokes
I'm so disgusted,this will doom us all,
But around one saw the fall...The Fallen Angel...

The Heavens are still shut for me
Because no one could not just see
The pain of doomness,it's cursed as it could be,
But I can't feel it now,because you are with me...Because you are,with me!

PS:Poezie scrisa inainte de teza la engleza,ca sa vedeti cat de razna o ia mintea mea in fata unui moment greu la scoala.

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