marți, 12 iunie 2007


The Flames of the Gods
Bursting violently
Such a grand illusion
It's so hard for us to see.

The rain is pouring down
Falling cautiosly
Disturbing de grey flames
But you cannot hear me.

Save me,take me from this "nothing"
Throw me back trough where I lived.
Listen,once and forever...
That's what you have to give...!Help me,I cannot hold much longer
I think I'm going crazy
Darkness is capturing my inside
I'm blinded for the world wide.

God left me
My soul is burning
And the rain cannot reach me
Oh,please just save me...

I'm crawling,crawling in the "nothing"
Not being able to see.
"Some" catches me,tides me with a bind and I just cannot flee.

It takes me in the heart of darkness
The dark abyss swallows me
Look into my frightened eyes and say:
"Just please,forgive me!"

Forgive me!Forgive me!Forgive me
For I am cursed,cursed and I can't see...

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