miercuri, 23 septembrie 2009

Just another star

They were both staring at the sky. It was rather weird for them to sit like that without speaking. it was also getting late. A bit too late... They both knew that but they were too tensed to try and break the silence.
Finally, Ryan spole:
"Well I guess it can't be helped !"
She threw a fierce and angry look at him.
"C'mon Jess, he cried, it's not like we can control this thing."
"This is all your fault" she almost yelled at him.
"It's not like you would make a compromise for this to be over. And I totally understand that - I wouldn't either.
Another moment of total silence. Then came Jess' turn to speak:
"But I don't want us to go to different colleges, to different states. It would be a sudden end to everything."
"I don't like it either, but it's about our dreams - after they come true, we'll be seeing each other more often. Cross my heart and hope to die - you'll still be my best friend."
Suddenly she kissed him on the cheek.
"That was new!...and sweet!" said Ryan.
Jess smiled at him and they both watched a falling star.

The star looked senseless at them. Although she passed near them in less than five seconds, she heard the whole conversation.

Hundreds of miles farther, she saw another interesting scene. Miles was ready to blow into his 16-shaped candle. He looked around. Dozens of persons...they all hugged him, smiled at him, bought him presents but he couldn't tell which person he really knew that better...as a friend, a true one. Everybody was there because of his mother, not because of him. He felt nothing but sadness and lonelyness.

But there were so many guests...the star could not understand why Miles felt that way.
She moved on faster, feeling the head growing higher and higher.

Then she saw Chris. Chris was bursting into tears as he saw his father leave...probably forever. He had the painful sensation that it was all his fault, although it was not true.
The star was intrigued. How could money (as she knew that was the reason) be more important than his own child? She didn't understand the mixed feelings that she saw and how could something like that be so important to those people.

Then it ended. She bursted into fire leaving nothing but dust. Dust and a confussed perception on human feelings. There seemed to have all the time in the world, not rushing anywhere and still they suffered - they still weren't happy.
"How come?" - she asked just before nothingness came.

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