joi, 16 octombrie 2008

A short ha,ha!

The following text is a pamphlet and must be treated likewise.

Romania beware! Comunism lives again. It is true, and it is happening as we speak - I mean - as you read what I wrote.
The last remnants of the dark reign that ruled Romania for so many years - have risen once more to show the young romanian students how life was before 1989. Not only that they've gained control over our highschool, they are already making drastic changes to make the life of the students more and more miserable.
Isn't it ironic how such an old and appearently stupid symbol that once represented the romanian student can resurrect and give you chills? How stupid is it to wear a tie in a 21st century highschool? How stupid is it to be forced to wear that? Well...appearently not stupid enough.

Yesterday was the 15th of October. 1 month of school has already passed and yesterday you couldn't have wondered why the hell is the school entrance so crowded. It was the first day from many to come, when the school uniform became compulsory.
Either the school principal or the administrator - guard the entrance and ask the students to take out their jackets and show their uniforms (which is actually composed from a white shirt, a redish tie and "as normal as possible" jeans).
-You do have the uniform? Congratulations, then enter the school and have a nice day. But I'm sure the node on your tie is not quite perfect. And where's your grey pullover? I know I said it was optional, but I want to see it. NOW!
-You don't have the uniform? Leave now and never come back. Be gone from these lands. Unless you leave now, we will imprison you. Then, your whole family will have to suffer from your foolishness. We will hunt them down!

No really, if you don't have the uniform you are sent back home!
I described all of these to my mother and she said this is very much like it was in the comunism era, when one would verify your "matricola" before you enter school.
How ironic. The picture/symbol of Calinescu which is drawn on our ties looks a lot like Ceausescu, if you see it from a far. That's kind of creepy.

At the end of the day, as you feel a bit humiliated and very unconfortable in those penguin clothes - you start to wonder...why?
Pink Floyd (see the picture above) had a very wise phrase :

We don't need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Teacher, leave those kids alone.
Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!
All in all its just another brick in the wall.

P.S. Was this too drastic? Well, it is a pamphlet. I'm sorry for any possible grammar mistakes. I am very tired these days.

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