luni, 21 ianuarie 2008

Tears in the dark

Silence.Everything was silent. The wind spoke secret words ,talking with the trees. The ancient guardians of nature responded with a sad dance.With their twigs they were weaving to the moon.

Tonight,the moon was only a princess. She had a bittersweet smile on her face, watching over the girl that was crying near the lake.Now, the girl was a true queen of the night .Her feelings were dreadful .From the deepness of her eyes ,the most unwanted an unnamed feeling was making her to tremble .There were tears ,blue-eyed tears.And it was so sad to see such a lovely girl crying. But her sadness made her beautiful.She was as mirifique as a godess.

It seemed as if the wind had mercy of her ,not disturbing her dramatic pose ,only caressing gently her golden hair. From the place where she dropped tears ,the lake was kindling a shimmering light that made her beautiful eyes to glow.

Later after that ,her face became dry. She just sat there ,listening the misterious songs that the wind and the lake were performing.
Then she saw the necklace that she was holding.She completely forgot about it. About him...A shivering memory made her cry again .Her soul was ripping apart,with the whole nature consuming her love.
She turned her eyes to the moon.
And nothing was peaceful again...

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