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Why ?...

The wind was whispering unknown words,slowlymas the darkness of the night was fading.The cemetery looked peaceful...no sound,no living being,just the death flowing around.Suddenly,a crow came from nowhere,draw some circles in the air and landed on a tomb stone.It was the tomb of the first man ever burried in this graveyard.On his tomb stone was written:

"Benjamin Breeg ?-1969 " and just a word : Why?

There was no message ,no cry,just the "Why?" and the crow.
The gravedigger,who at that hour was usually standing outside on his old bench,watching that great yellow eye,which was the moon,was now sleeping in his kiosk.He usually enjoyed staying outside at this hour,because he could see a normal human being.Bruce Harper ,that was.Since his mother passed awat,one week ago,he would come everynight around dusk,when he was sure that Papa Het was left for good in Dreamworld.
Papa Het would not let him visit the cemetery ."It's bad for you" ,he said.So every nigh,Bruce would come,assuring himself that his father was asleep,went to the cemetery,kneeled-down before the tomb stone of Margaret Harper and stayed peaceful for a couple of minutes.
But tonight ,Bruce did not went directly near his mother.He could not help it,staring at the tomb stone of Benjamin Breeg on which was now written a message:

"Benjamin Breeg - Here lies a man about whom little is known"
The crow was still there,minding his own business.He looked careless as the boy was approaching.Then he flew away,as a hand went-up from the ground,gripped Bruce and pulled him down.
That happened so fast,that Bruce could only close his eyes and then open them again.He was now founding himself in a strange place,like a...living room.On a couch was this man,probably in his 50's .He stood up when Bruce looked at him.He invited the boy to sit and Bruce would not say no:
"I am Benjamin Breeg" the man said. " Now...
Let me tell you 'bout my life,
Let me tell you 'bout my dreams,
Let me tell you 'bout the things that happen, always real to me.
Let me tell you of my hope, of my need to reach the sky,
Let me take you on an awkward journey, let me tell you why."

And Bruce listened as Benjamin Breeg told his story.In his youth he decided to become a writer,a poet...But his work did not went well...He had not only a lack of words but a lack of food.
"So I sold my soul " he said ." I asked for words in exchange of my soul .And I got what I wanted ".
Breeg became popular between the literature papers.His poems were well written...shooking,morbid but they were pieces of art.Then someone discovered his secret.Hard to say how,but he was caught and killed...and finally sent to Hell.

"Why should these curses be laid upon me,
I won't be forgiven 'til I can break free,
What did I do to deserve all this guilt,
Pay for my sins, for the sale of my soul.

Demons are trapped all inside of my head,
My hopes have gone, reach for heaven from hell,
My sins are many, my guilt is too heavy,
The pressure of knowing of having what I now?

I'm able to see things, things that I don't wanna see,
The lies of a thousand souls weigh heavy down on me

I know they're crying for help reaching out
The burden of them will take me down as well
The sin of a thousand souls knocked out in vain
Reincarnate of me live again

Someone to save me,
Something to save me from myself
To bring salvation
To exorcise this hell! "

" I've chose you,Bruce ! " Breeg said scarly as the boy got three steps back.
"You will grant me the exist from Hell back to Earth,so I can live and breath.You shall remain in this furnal forever.
Bruce was shocked.Then he heard a strange noise coming from above.Someone was digging the tomb...Breeg gripped Bruce on his neck and started to chocke him.Bits of mud started to fall into the tomb as a shovel was making place...for an exit.The saver took Bruce on his hand as Breeg was trying to pull him back .
"Leave the boy alone,you devil ! " a voice muttered.
"Darn you !" Breeg screamed as he lost Bruce from his hands.
The boy was back on Earth .The gravedigger(who saved him) smiled to him in an ugly portrait.He was no man...rather a zombie.But he looked friendlier than Breeg.
"And you are ?..." Bruce asked.
"Ed the Head,at your service" he bound before the boy.
It was dawn...Sun was getting out again.
On the tomb stone was now written:

"Benjamin Breeg 1939-1969 - A poet,a painter and a man that sold his soul . Why?


A story inspired by the concept of Iron Maiden - The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg .

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