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The Lilith

The conclusion of a two-parts story...Part I is right here.

Lucifer was superior in many ways to any being ever created by the creator. But as aware of this and as brilliant as he was, he was also hated, feared, despised, cast away from anything and anyone. Jealousy, hatred, dreadfulness, all these things were targeted against him, because of his qualities. Unfortunately, Lucifer began to defend against these things in a wrong way. Instead of using his superior existence to rise above these petty attacks, he instead chose to fight fire with fire. As he was hated, he too began to hate. Anyone and anything. As he was despised, so did he despised everything that existed and anything that he could perceive with his mind. As he was feared for being different, so was he afraid of everything that was not like him. As he was cast away from everything, so did he choose to be isolated from everything, including those things that made him special in the first place.

The creator stood worried way above this dreadful conflict that he himself had created by giving birth both to Lucifer and to mankind. He created them all and had put them in the same place without realizing that they could never coexist. His avatar of perfection would never be a part of the world, that was clear. He was also disappointed that beyond all that superiority and higher understanding of things, Lucifer still had those flaws that mankind also had. They actually gave them to him. And Lucifer, as powerful and as wise as he was, could not resist mankind's wretched nature. And he became a lone being. The creator himself placed him far away, hoping that all this struggle will cease to exist. Once more...he was wrong.

Seeing there is no end to his own doings, he began thinking of creating a partner for Lucifer, someone who could complete him, someone who could be his real half, his only meaning in his damned eternal existence. But instead of simply creating a new being, similar to his first avatar, he instead chose to give those gifts of perfection to a human being. Carelessly he picked a innocent girl called Lilith and blew into her all that Lucifer already had. The creator was once more happy with his methods, not realizing that he was at fault once more for the fate of these helpless beings.

Lilith was given to Lucifer and for a while, our hero felt for the first time what it means to belong to somewhere and someone. He discovered love, a thing so strong and magnificent that it made him feel like a god. He once more rediscovered his beautiful nature, his superior understanding, his genius condition. His whole existence raised to higher grounds, fulfilling everything that was every asked in him.
At first, Lilith indeed seemed to be the perfect companion for our hero. But she was not really that perfect being that Lucifer was. She was merely human, a human gifted with all these strange notions that could not really set in her mind. As time passed, she began to feel overwhelmed by everything. By Lucifer's company, by her own qualities that were enforced into her by the creator. As fast as she rose, she did fall. Her light shut down so quickly that poor Lucifer didn't even had the chance to cry for her.

Lilith was consumed by all that knowledge, all that power, all that superiority - too much for a simple human being - that she just simply ceased to exist. Enraged, our hero once more cursed his creator for this cruel illusion. Hate, fear. They all came back. He hated mankind for their weaknesses but in the same time he feared them for having the ability to trick him and making him feel peaceful for a while. He began to perceive serenity as his weakness, one that he tried from there on - not to give in again.

The creator failed to see his mistake once more and instead chose to pick up another Lilith and give her all those gifts, quickly sending her to Lucifer. Our poor hero proved to be too weak to withstand the tempting offer to live with someone who seemed to be like him. And he was once more happy and fulfilled, just to break into ashes moments later as the new Lilith followed the path of the old one. This brought more and more hatred. More and more fear. But the creator did not care. He simply kept creating new Liliths and kept giving them to Lucifer, not realizing what a monster he is creating by putting our hero through this tormented nightmare.

Lucifer turned mad. Everything that was good and ideal in him ceased to exist. He turned into something new, something horrible, corrupted by the pain and sorrow that was caused to him. His powers grew and began to spread like a plague, controlling more and more of the mankind. And his powers that were unleashed brought only disasters, wars, deaths, everything that was vile and wretched began to exist because of him. Meanwhile, he would still enjoy, for moments only, the Liliths that the creator brought him.
And this went on for a while...

One day, the creator watched mankind and saw the pinnacle of disaster. He also saw Lucifer, stronger as ever, feeding off from all the misfortunes of the world. Enraged by his own failure, the creator decided to stop it all, decided to terminate these monsters that he had created. He only needed a single thought and all would have been over. He watched speechlessly how his thought did not turn to reality, that everything just kept on existing, although he had wished otherwise. What was going on?
His powers were done. His creations grew more powerful than he ever was. And there was nothing that he could do to stop them. Lucifer and mankind would just torment each other for an eternity and all was the creator's doing.

Nothing happened. Everything simply went on.

To be continued with other stories, in another another time.

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