sâmbătă, 15 martie 2008


I am dead .I am dead for it is impossible to be alive .I died ,that's for sure - the plane crashed - so how is it possible that I can still breathe ? Oh, yes ! They brought me back to life .So unfair of them .One that had suffered like I did was not one that would wish to stay alive.

The flight was preparing to take off when I heard a sweet laugh. There was this cute little girl and her parents .They looked like a young and happy family .Well...appearently there was a problem with the tickets and the little girl had to stay next to my seat . "Fine to me " I said ... I even offered her my seat near the window ,which she accepted .Oh, the fool of me .

I looked at this girl. She was very tall for her age and slim too .She had curly black hair and shiny dark eyes .She really was a beautiful young lady .She also had this shirt on her with Barney, the purple dinosaur on which she was very proud of.

I fell asleep after a while .When I woke up ,she was still there. She smiled to me ...that was the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. After that ,the luggage trunk fell and hit me in the head .The plane was going down .I tried to move... on my left ,the girl was no more ,only a piece of her shirt.

After the accident I found-out her name... Madelaine. I even asked for a picture from her parents - and I keep Madelaine with me all the time ,knowing that I could have saved her life.Looking at the picture I began to know her better and better and we became friends .Yes ,that's Madelaine ,my best friend I ever had !

And I ask once more ... how is it possible for me to be alive if I can talk to her ? How?

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