miercuri, 12 martie 2008


They were one in front of the other .Everything was so quiet around them that they could almost hear each other's breath and heart-beat.
The brothers were staring at each other .The thunder looked with his blue-shiny eyes upon the slim silouhette of his brother .He was so calm .His blonde flowny hair covered his face ,which seemed to be very tamned ,almost redish .His skin was so smooth ,his face so simply-pleasent.

Lightning looked back through dark-emerald eyes at his bald brother and smiled .He could read jealosy on the thunder's face which looked so tired and overwhelmed .It was so round and wrinkled - while he knew that he was handsome .He had beauty in his palms while his brother was deaf.

Hatred - it was flowing in the air as the two began the battle.

Rain started to pour down.

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