marți, 11 decembrie 2007

Shadow - a story

He was trembling...although the fire danced softly in his fireplace,he could feel his skin being rough and his muscles being contracted.He threw a quick look outside the window.There was a strong wind blowing but nothing else

But still...he was afraid.Because what the old man said to him was not too far from the truth.The old man said that those that made terrible things, and did not confess nor paid for their sins,shall face,tonight,the real,not bling f - face of justice.

He knew that he made these terrible things. In fact,it was just one but so sinful thing.He kept thinking at that girl ,and could not believed how cold-blooded he was then.How he kidnapped her , raped her , killed her and finally burned her to dust ,so that no one could ever find-out. He hadn't had nightmares ,nor any concious struggling. But today,when he heard the old man...He started to wonder...what is justice ,and why isn't it blind ? And why couldn't he fight this justice ?

Knock , knock , knock. Someone...or something was at the door .Was it the justice? If so..he would fight it. YES! He would strike back till his last breath.So instead of opening the door(although the knocks were hitting the door harder and harder) he went to the wardrobe and grabbed the knife. His hands were all sweaty and the blade still had the blood of the girl on it.

Knock , Knock , Knock !!!
"Go to Hell ! " he screamed.Then he cut the air with the knife trying to breath more deeply to calm himself.
The knocks stopped.It was finally over,he thought.But then he saw this strange ,dark sillhoutte, The fire disappeard. He just knew someone's there...
"Who are you?"
A gentle,warm voice spoke:
"Oh,I have quite many names .I have been known troughout history as Shadowstep,Shadowmere,Creepind Death.You could call me whatever you would like."
"I would like you to go away !"
"Oh ,no! Not yet! Let me tell you something ,then I'll go,without doing you any harm.I promise you! "
"No. You go ,now ! " he said,pushing the knife forwards.
"Please ,don't be foolish ! I have killed the whole Egypt ,burned Sodoma and Gomora from their grounds.Do you think your pathetic knife,spilled with the blood of on innocent girl could put me down ?"
"So what are you? God's agent? "
"I am His wrath ,yes! Now listen..."
"You will kill me!"
"I won't...I am not real ,I am just a shadow.Isn't not? No living person knows about me."
"The old man knew..."
"Hm...I am Him! I just wanted you to be prepared. Now listen...

Next morning,the police entered his house.
"What happened here?" the detective asked.
"This man is dead...he also left a note..."
"Cause of the death?"
"Unknown.He had this knife with him,but no wound,no sickness,no affecticons,like a heart-attack,no nothing."
"What does the note say?"

I confess that I killed ms.D
Now I will die,because I don't want anyone else to get infected by the Plague of the Shadow,of the Creeping Death.
I apologise for my sins.
Beware of the Shadows!

The detective stood still.
"I think the guy was taking drugs,if you ask me..."said the officer.

Beware of the Shadows!

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