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Damaged Law

Sper ca nu dezamagesc ca nu este in lb.romana,dar zilele astea am inspiratie in engleza.Dar nu sunt mare Poe,asa ca e usor de inteles.A fost si tema mea la engleza,plus ca mi-a placut cum a iesit.Povestirea originala a fost scrisa de mine in clasa a 5-a.Asta este varianta gold retail. Asa ca...

"Is that you?" he shrieked.
Lawyer Nigel Troy was staring at his "old pal" -Jonathan Kruge.They were both standing in the Westminstershire train station,looking at each other when :
"Troy ,you old crap ! Why do I always have to clean up your mess ?Boss send me after you.Seems you couldn't deal with the contract ."
"Rubbish !" Troy exclamed .Listen Kruge,we cannot deal with problems like these.We need an exorcist ! "
''What are you saying ?It was just a formality .You were to convince old Thaddeus Jones to sell his property for the Boston Project.What are you saying there? You got mad ?"
"After you will listen through what I've been to,you will call an exorcist with me !"

It was Friday morning when I was at the Jones property .I was ,of course, going to pay a visit to Mr.Jones,the only one in charge with the whole property .I was welcomed by this strange fellow called Percivall,who invited me in the garden ,where I was to meet Thaddeus Jones.I had everything ready ,including those £ 1,5 million which we were ready to pay for the Boston Project.It had passed over half an hour ,and still Mr.Jones was not there .I was starting to get bored,and also ,the tea which Percivall left was getting cold. And I,of course would not have drink without my host.That would have been unpolite .And I am ,of course, a gentleman .

Then,this strange wind started to blow ,giving me the creeps and giving wings to my hat,which flew away .I ran for it but I was no match for the speed of the wind .I am ashamed to say that I ran like Alice in Wonderland,without seeing where I go .I found myself into a huge maze,obviously a part of the garden ,but I could not find the exit.I roamed for a while,until I saw this light coming from the center of the maze.I was precaucios of course,but still,I had no idea where I was.

The light came from this strange globe,placed on top of a column.I've approached and horrified I saw strange little creatures inside of it ; they were like,flying demons,fighting and screaming to each other. I know it sound foulish but I touched the globe.I was so frightened.One of the demons bit me.Then I felt I was...transforming.My skin got darker,wings had grew on me.I had become one of them.Then all I could remember was that I engaged in fight another demon ,and that's it.

I woke up,God knows after how ling,near the globe...and I was all right.Near me was Percivall:
"Your name,is Nigel Edward Clark Troy,is it not ? " he asked.
"Yes it is...wait a minute ! How do you know my name ?"
"Mr.Jones has his sources..." he smiled
"But how did you know my full name? "
"Deep sources,may I say "
Then I heard this strange whisper,which was coming from the globe ,which was now looking just like anyother garden accesory.The whisper said :"Run away lad ! Leave this place !".
Then I looked at Percival,which was not looking human at all.Then I ran away...


Kruge looked amused at his lawyer fellow.Troy really looked scared.
"Having nightmares again,Troy?"
"I sware to you,it's the truth !"
"I shall see that" Kruge said,taking his briefcase and waving his hand to a carriage.
"And I shall go with you,to see your face when you'll see I'm right" Troy muttered.

The two lawyers were now going to the Jones property.And Mr.Jones was waiting for them...

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Oana spunea...

Cand o s-o scrii in romana, franceza sau italiana, o sa-mi dau cu parerea. Engleza nu stiu decat la nivel de-a ma descurca.

Stephen G. spunea... numai in engleza suna misto.Am incercat in romana si...era foarte naspa...Uh,franceza-te invidiez...materia unde eu sunt un dezastru.English is my thing :D

dany36 spunea...

in franceza ar fi minunat :P , eh nu ma descurc deloc binisor la engleza deci nu te pot citi :P

Stephen G. spunea... surprinzi :p !

dany36 spunea...

ca de fiecare data :)))