joi, 20 septembrie 2007

Dead man's story

I was just a lonely man
I was living in a cran
Till one day I stole a bread...
And a bullet smashed my head !

I was dead,there was no doubt
Damn , I was finally out !
From this world,that was to me
Something you don't want to be.

Creeping dawn was fading out,
From the dark,revenge I sought
But the gates were locked to me...
Oh my God,I cannot see !

The light never came back
Darkness became my habbitat
It was like falling in a deep well,
Actually,I was in Hell...

Death was punishing me so hard
From the days I mocked Her in the graveyard.
Now she threw me in this place
And not caring , no caress .

Smell of burned wood's filling me
From the coffin above of me.
I am walking through the dark...
Just a fuckin' walk in the park.

One I felt this strange presence
Like I won't feel happiness.
I looked again , I looked behind,
A weird shadow was watching kind.

"Death? Again? Why are you here ?"
I have questioned ; responding clear:
"Oh,oh no! I am not Her...
Please, just call me Lucifer ! "

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